God has quite a sense of humor!

Today's lila (Divine play) is a comedy that began at 5am.  Center stage....... Me!  Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could go wrong, goes wrong?  Yeah.... It used to frustrate me to the point of tears.  Now, I try to practice acceptance. 

My sadhana this past week as been difficult.  This morning was no different.  With my mind and heart racing I finally give up trying to meditate.  I'm teaching for Shiva Das this morning so I figure I'd get to the studio a little earlier and perhaps I'll have a little time for meditation before class. 

Rememeber the saying "Man plans and God laughs?"  Once I finally find my other flip flop, I get into my car. I didn't even make it out of the driveway. Check engine light is on and it feels like the car is going to fall apart!  (in the words of Frank Barrone - Everyone loves Raymond) HOLY CRAP!  -- I remind myself - acceptance and gratitude are my bhavanas this week -- okay, I'm not taking my car, I accept that.  I'm taking Mike's car, I'm grateful that there is another car available for me. 

My favorite parking spot by the church is available - Thank God!  I get to the studio, I breath a sigh of relief.... Aaahhh......  No time for meditation..... Students begin to arrive.  Happy, smiling faces for which I again feel grateful.   As the students are resting in Savasana I think "that certainly wasn't the class I planned in my head" here again, I practice acceptance, acknowledging  that there is a power higher than me at work in my life. 

I planned, what I hoped would be a great adventure with the kids today.  Yesterday, my son was excited about our adventure.  Today, he'd rather swim.  I plan..... God laughs......  I accept and feel grateful.  Okay,
maybe today is not the day for an adventure.  Perhaps today is for staying home, sitting  by the pool and being thankful for my beautiful, healthy children.

This lila is turning out to be better than I expected.  Can't wait til act 2!


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