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I'd  like to introduce you to one of my spiritual teachers,  The Upanishads.   The Upanishads are beautiful spiritual teachings.  The translation that I read is by Eknath Easwaran.  I keep the book with me always (one of the many advantages of being a woman - carrying a hand-bag!)  I randomly open the book and read a passage. 

Today's passage:  O Lord of Love, revealed in the scriptures, who have assumed the forms of all creatures, grant me wisdom to choose the path that can lead me to immortality.  May my body be strong, my tongue be sweet; may my ears hear always the sound of OM, the supreme symbol of the Lord of Love, and may my love for him grow more and more.

Even if we don't understand the meaning of the passage the words are so poetic and lovely that if your mind in going to be thinking anyway, why not give it some sweet words to think about.

What were your thoughts as you read the passage? This little passage reminds us of so many important yogic concepts.  (remember that I'm not a vedic scholar - just a spiritual seeker and these are simply my thoughts and opinions and should not be taken as anything more)

I love that Easwaran uses the term The Lord of Love.  You can translate that to God, Krishna, Allah, the universe - whatever, or who ever your personal God is.   The point is to recognize God in EVERYONE.
(who has assumed the forms of all creatures).

Choosing the path that can lead me to immortality - The part of us that is immortal is the Atman, you can think of it sort of like our soul or spirit.  It's the part of us that is always connected to the Source - to the Lord of Love. The Atman always was and always will be.  We are seeking the wisdom that will lead us to Source (God)

Asana (yoga postures) are suggested to keep the body strong so that you can sit for long periods of time in meditation.  Sweet tongue refers, perhaps, to treating everyone you meet like he or she is The Lord of Love.  Would you speak harshly to the Lord of Love?  I doubt it, therefore, speak to others in the same manner you would the Lord. 

Hearing the sound of Om always.......  I used to play a yoga video for my son when was a toddler.  In the video the instructor describes  OM as the sound the universe makes when everything is in harmony.  -- I love that!  So let's go with that.  Let me strive for harmony.  When there is harmony we feel the connection of our Atman to the Lord of Love.  May my love for him grow more and more....

..........  In my humble opinion.  

Gayatri sadhana - day 1 take 3
Yesterday after my morning sadhana I felt so much more "in control". I feel like I started the day right and found myself making better choices all day.   I was able to get through my work with clarity and focus.  I had a great yoga class with my favorite teacher, Shiva Das, which left me feeling more calm and peaceful.   As I sat on the sofa with my little one after class,  I was able to be fully present, listening to him excitedly telling me stories about his day.   I feel grateful for this tool called sadhana.  When I don't practice it  feels like driving in the car without your seatbelt.  Coming  back to sadhana makes me feel like I've fastened my seat-belt.  Whatever happens, I can handle it.  I'm protected.  



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