Some days are like that, even in Australia!

It's Wednesday night, 11:35pm. I've written and deleted 3 posts. I probably should just go to bed and put this day behind me. But here we go, last attempt.

Have you ever read that kids book called "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day"? If you haven't read it, read it. You'll appreciate it. I think of that story whenever I have a day like I did today.

What yoga tools can I use today when everything I did wasn't good enough and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't please anyone? Um.... This is a tough one.

Should I try to remember that everything is perfect? -- I don't know. maybe that would help.

How about remembering that this too shall pass? -- Getting closer.

Okay, I got it. Remember the movie The Lion King? That scene when the monkey hits Simba over the head with his walking stick. Simba says "hey! why did you do that!"
The monkey replies "What does it matter? it's in the past" --

Tomorrow this day will be in the past and none of this crap I've been obsessing over all day will matter. Each day is a new day. Thank God for that! Yoga teaches us to let go of the past and stay present in the moment. Our natural tendency is to dwell on the past or project forward into the future. Neither of which are accurate. The past is only a memory, colored by our emotions and past impressions. The future is just a dream. The present is all the really matters - and yes it's perfect. It's exactly what it's suppose to be - even when we don't see the perfection. Remember the only breath that counts is the breath you're taking right now. So go ahead take a few deep breaths with me. I'm Feeling better already!

Gayatri mantra sadhana - Day#6: During this morning's practice my mind was much calmer than yesterday. I felt a familiar sensation at the space between my eye brows. I "saw" in my mind's eye a familiar circle of purple. For a little while, I'm not sure how long, I was lost in that purple color.

What I noticed the rest of the day was that I felt like I was on speed. I was racing all day. My mind was racing, my heart was racing. It's nearly midnight and I've been up since 5am. Not sure if I'm experiencing some affect of the mantra or if I'm having a pitta imbalance. Maybe it's just a plan old bad day.

Note to self: Look up a mantra to use to help me get back to center and back to a state a calm --- Don't worry. I'll share that with you in the next post.


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