"Everything is perfect" my beloved teacher is always telling me. My mind is saying "Perfect? maybe in yogaland but not here in the real world where I live!"
But I love and trust my teacher and I know he wouldn't steer me wrong so let's take a journey here and explore this idea of "everything is perfect". Where I have seen perfection is in the synchronicity of life. Yesterday I sat outside to read. Here is the first thing I read:

"Thou art divine. Live up to it. Feel and realize thy divine nature. Thou art the master of your destiny. do not be discouraged when sorrows, difficulties and tribulations manifest in the daily battle of life. Draw up courage and spiritual strength from within. There is a vast inexhaustible magazine of power and knowledge within. Learn the ways to tap the source. Dive deep within. Sink down. Plunge in the sacred waters of Immortality. You will be quite refreshed, renovated and vivified when you go to the divine source and realize: I AM THE IMMORTAL SELF"

Pretty powerful stuff. If we are truly divine how could we not be perfect? Is it possible to believe in a higher power at work, call it God or the Universe or whatever, and not believe that everything is perfect?

I struggle daily with the idea that I know how things are suppose to be and when they aren't that way I perceive them as not perfect. Interesting..... Arrogant really, for me to think that I know better than God how things are suppose to be. Because ultimately isn't that what I'm thinking when I think that things should be anything other than what they are??

I read this book once called "Seeing with the eyes of love". It's an awesome book that I would highly recommend. In this book the author talks about how when our car breaks down we take it the mechanic, he fixes it, we pay the bill and drive off. Trusting that the mechanic has fixed the problem. But most of us have a hard time trusting in the grace of the Divine. "All I ask is that you have as much trust in God as you do your mechanic" suggests the author.

Simply because things aren't the way we think they should be doesn't mean they aren't perfect. That's the yoga lesson for today.

As a yoga teacher, having been trained by incredibly wonderful teachers I struggle with my need for perfection. My need to live up to their standards. In my mind it's a way for me to honor the beautiful teachings that I've learned but perhaps my striving for perfection is blocking the way for the flow of Divine Grace. We are all unique and therefore how the Divine grace manifests through us is unique. It's not our job to judge what that looks like we just need to clear the way for it to flow.
Clearing the way means letting go of our ideas of what things are suppose to be so that we can see the beauty in what is.

Open your hearts today and allow the grace of the Divine to flow freely. Don't judge whether it's the way it's suppose to be just open to it. Trust. You are experiencing exactly what you are suppose to experience. How do we that? Because that's what you ARE experiencing.

My mind still continues to struggle with this concept of "everything is perfect" but my heart knows it to be true. Another good reason to stay out of my head and stay in my heart.


  1. it is all perfect, as you are in this moment

  2. Thank you Mirella. You made my day.



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