My crazy life

Today was a crazy busy day. I had to get my daughter to school by 7:30am - so a teacher could help her with a project - that's what she told me anyway. Rush to work after that. I work in a very busy insurance agency with some very stressed out co-workers. I rush to pick up my son, race home to make dinner, do homework, clean up the dishes so that I can race to teach a yoga class. Funny isn't it, the thought of rushing to a yoga class.

Once I get there, walking into the studio feels like walking into an embrace. I love that space. It feels like home. I admire the new carpets and the freshly painted walls as I walk around and light the candles, put on some beautiful music. Sam Rosetto's Lotus Tatoo was my choice tonight. After a crazy, busy day the sweet sounds of this beautiful CD was just what I needed to get into the "yoga zone".

I'm thinking now of my friend yoga Lu. During our teacher training together whenever we had to practice teach each other her feedback to me was always that I'm too serious when I teach. It's like I'm in the "yoga zone" she said. LOL! It does sometimes feel like that for me when I'm teaching. Like I'm in a zone where there's an energy that is flowing through me that sometimes feels like it's not even me doing the teaching. I find that the class flows much better when I get out of my own way. I guess maybe she's right it is the Yoga Zone.

I'm getting off track here. Sorry. After setting up the room I go upstairs. The cheerful yellow walls make me smile. I love the new arrangement of things. It feels so welcoming and warm. I light the oil lamp and incense in front of Ganesha.

Om Gum Ganapataya Namaha! This is how I begin all my classes. With a little prayer to Ganesha, the Lord of Obstacles. I pray that the wisdom flows through me to the students who show up for my classes. I acknowledge that the wisdom is so much bigger than me and that I need to open myself up to receive it if I ever hope to be able to share it with others.

As I waited for students to arrive, I sat in meditation. All day, in the midst of my crazy life I felt this longing for that quiet space. For the stillness of meditation. As I walked to my car tonight I breathed in the cool night air. Feeling at peace, feeling blessed that through the practice of meditation I was able to leave the craziness behind me. My prayer tonight is that you too find some peace and stillness. Om Gum Ganapataya Namaha!


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